• Custom Stinger Pro Model AP5 Wood Bat
  • Custom Stinger Pro Model AP5 Wood Bat
  • Custom Stinger Pro Model AP5 Wood Bat

Custom Stinger Pro Model AP5 Wood Bat

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Step 1: Take note of what colors you would like for your Barrel, Logo, and Handle (For wood to show choose "Natural") you will be typing your choices in during checkout.

Step 2: Choose your wood and length above and add to your cart

Step 3: Under the credit card info, type your customization choices for your barrel color, logo color, handle color, and custom line of text (name) into the section where is says "Special Requests"

*Stains are also available as well as any other color that is not listed. We are here to make your bat EXACTLY how you want it. Please explain to us what you want and we will make it happen!

Barrel: Carolina
Handle: Natural
Logo: White
Text: John Doe

custom wood bat colors stinger bat co 

The AP5 is one of the most popular wood bat models used today. It features a tapered knob that feels comfortable in the bottom of the players hand, a thin tapered handle, and a large barrel. These bats are well balanced. The thin handle and large barrel combine to give the bat more flex, ideal for a hitter looking to get more power out of their swing.

All of our bats are made using the highest quality wood available,  all of our customers get the same quality wood bat that the pros swing.


Bat Specifications

Model: AP5 Pro Grade

Finish: Custom
Barrel: 2 1/2"
Handle: 29/32"
Cupped: Yes
Bone Rubbed: Yes
Available Sizes: 32, 33, 34.
Made in the USA