• Core Velocity Trainer
  • Core Velocity Trainer

Core Velocity Trainer


About this item

The Core Velocity Belt Is Trusted & Used Daily By…

 Over 170+ NCAA D1 Baseball Programs and 21 MLB Organizations…. But Made For Pitchers & Hitters Over The Age Of 10 Years Old!

Who Else Wants To Finally FEEL How To Engage Your Lower-Half  To Naturally Throw Harder, Easier & Swing Faster, Quicker… With Far Less Effort Than Ever Before?

The Core Velocity Trainer is a staple in nearly every major D1 program. There is just nothing like it out there. The patent pending belt includes an adjustable belt with resistance bands that train the body and mind to use the lower half and top half of the body in perfect synergy. The trainer shows you what it feels like to create more shoulder-hip separation maximizing your body's torque and increasing throwing velocity and swing power.  Included in the package:

1. Core Velocity Belt
2. 2 tension bands (blue, black) (option to add long band for  +$30 great for pitching drills)
3. Nylon Anchor
4. Carrying Bag
5. Access to the Core Velocity Belt 3.0 Training System on BaseballThinkTank.com